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A year ago I decided to write my first book. I’ve always been dedicated to the art of writing, I’ve always been drawn to words, but as a multi-passionate personality, my writing has crossed many genres. I’ve written poems and song lyrics, I’ve published essays and opinion pieces, I’ve written short stories and blogged on the not-very-regular. But, I’d never written a book.

When it came to choosing a genre for my book, no one was more surprised than I when I decided to write a love story. I love a good romance, I’ve always been a sucker for a true love story, but I never pictured myself as somone who would write one. But write one I did.

Setting out, I decided to avoid being too mainstream. I didn’t want to write about young love with barely-of-age characters. I wanted maturity, I wanted depth, I wanted the characters to reflect my own age group (that is, the over 40 club). I hope I’ve achieved everything I set out to achieve. For a first novel, I’m excited about it.

Set in the fictional town of Came to Stay, Newfoundland (based loosely on a town I vacationed in one summer, Duntara, Newfoundland), this is a love story for Newfoundland as much as it is about its characters, Chiara and Mike, two adults who must work through their personal challenges if they are ever going to find their way to each other.

I hope you enjoy.




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