Self-Care Yourself this Holiday, Mama

Self-care is still needed, I think at this time of year, more than ever. As moms move about making their lists and checking them thrice, making sure there is holiday joy for all and holiday magic a plenty, we can get a little run down. For me, the forced staycation actually feels like a blessing. I can just stay home. I don’t have to gear up the crew for anyone at any time. I don’t need to entertain. I can just breathe. We all get a break. I didn’t realize how much I actually needed this until all other options were taken off the table. All that to say, I was re-reading The Secret Life of Bees, and I came across a passage that reminded me of a realization I came to earlier this year, and one I’d apparently forgotten. The time to regroup, revamp and reaffirm is now.



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