A Poem for the Women, International Women’s Day

Women, stand together
Women, stand united
Mothers, hold your children
Grandmothers, your daughters

Women, come together
Without us this won’t work
Parents, show your children
Integrity at work

Sister, I am with you
Sisters, stand together
Brothers, be here with us
But only if you stand beside us

Women, the life makers
Women, the fierce teachers
Women, the heart menders
Women, the truth seekers

Women, keep on seeking
Women, keep exploring
Chisel at the walls
Scrape by scrape undo the ceiling

Sister understand
That I am here to help you
Threaded through our hands
Pull this cord that unites us

Sister, you’re here with me
Sisters, stand together
Brothers, come here with us
But we won’t allow you to divide us

Daughters, feel our fire
For it must keep on burning
From the gates we march
With a knowledge and a yearning

Daughters, when you see us
Keep your eyes wide open
Take your brothers by the hand
Together we will lead us

Women, stand together
Sisters, I am with you
Daughters, let us teach you
That this cord must unite us

Grandmothers, hold your daughters
Mothers, your children
Stand toe to toe as sisters
Our secret is unfolding

Love is what is needed
Sister, lead the way
Sister, I’m beside you
I will not be swayed


Published by mtg

A woman. A mother. A wife. A writer. This is me.

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