Protecting My Inner Introvert During a Pandemic

I am an introvert. I wear this label like a brand because it offers me a shield of protection, as though just saying it helps others to understand why I am as awkward as I am, or why it may take me a few minutes to formulate a response, or why I just need toContinue reading “Protecting My Inner Introvert During a Pandemic”

To the Gates!

  Not long ago my husband and I were having a [discussion/argument, tomayto/tomahto]. He said to me, you may take up a small physical space [all 5’0 of me], but you take up a lot of energetic space. You’re big, bigger than you realize. When he said this, I had taken up the majority ofContinue reading “To the Gates!”

On the Importance of Being Silent

I’ve had visions these past few years, yearnings more like it, of leaving my life behind, moving to some deserted island, living off the land. I’d take my husband and kids with me for sure, but that’s about it. The older I get, the more I realize how irrelevant stuff is, how irrelevant most ofContinue reading “On the Importance of Being Silent”

Six Truths Bad Moms Has Opened the Can On

Recently my Facebook feed has been filled with moms excitedly flocking to their nearest movie theatre, taking giddy selfies and eagerly waiting for the lights to dim. Why? Why are moms so excited to kiss their kids good night and scurry for the door? It’s because, for a few brief and glorious hours, one film is givingContinue reading “Six Truths Bad Moms Has Opened the Can On”

Free to Be Me: All Anyone Really Wants

I’ve written a few posts on judgment lately, and it continues to be a subject at the forefront of my cerebrum. And on the subject of judgment I had a bit of an a-ha moment this morning, so I thought I would take the time to share. I am a Christian-raised, practicing non-Christian, who lovesContinue reading “Free to Be Me: All Anyone Really Wants”

An Introvert’s Guide to Small Talk

A year ago I accompanied my husband to his 25th high school reunion. I knew very few people, and I felt semi-miserable. I was really uncomfortable as an outsider in the room. I was really uncomfortable playing at being social. I wished, over and over again, that we had brought our kids along so IContinue reading “An Introvert’s Guide to Small Talk”

Confessions of a Recovering Judgaholic

I am a recovering judgaholic. Chances are, if ever we have crossed paths (me in my pre-parent days and you bearing kids) I have judged you. I won’t lie, the road to recovery has been messy and bumpy. You see, I have been blessed with beautiful, healthy, intelligent children. Capable children. Children capable of bringingContinue reading “Confessions of a Recovering Judgaholic”

It Takes a Village, It Takes a Village, It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child. It’s been said over and again, but we seem to have forgotten. It takes a village to raise a child. When Facebook and other social media were first dreamt up, I’m sure their respective creators envisioned online villages, I’m sure they envisioned people reaching out to peopleContinue reading “It Takes a Village, It Takes a Village, It Takes a Village”

Baa Baa Goes the Black Sheep

Growing up I was the black sheep of the family. At times this made me feel special, indignant, feisty—ready to fight the good fight. At times it made me feel different, separate, like a sore thumb rather than one amongst the clan. Much of my life has been driven by this push and pull—wanting to live full throttle by my black sheepContinue reading “Baa Baa Goes the Black Sheep”