Keeping the OM in Mom: A Self-Care Guide for Moms

“If you are a mom who struggles to remember the person you were before motherhood, and struggles to remain aligned with the person you always strived to become, this workbook is for you.”

Keeping the OM in Mom is a basic guide filled with daily activities aimed at helping moms:
1. Take care of themselves
2. Find time for themselves
3. Define their value
If you are in a mom-fog and searching for clarity, this may be the guide for you.

Digital Workbook, 58 pages

Available free of charge using the following links. Download the workbook alone, or follow along online (full-length course series or the abridged version on Udemy). Get it here:

When I emerged from my own mom-fog, it felt good. So good that I wanted to do something, anything, to share this feeling with other moms. I ended up putting this workbook together because it was the most me way I could think of to connect and share with others. I hope that it does that job that it was always intended to do:
Emphasize the value and necessity of self-care for moms.