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The Murdochville Road

Driving the southern coastline of the St. Lawrence River towards Gaspé is driving a sea-lined highway of magnificent views and endless skyline. Land-locked eyes are instantly drawn outward to the endless horizon; staring, in the semi-hope of spotting the hump of a whale’s back protruding from the hazy blue vista. More likely, and if they’re lucky, they might be able to spot the head of a seal slipping delicately through the chilly waters before submerging again in search of supper. 

Somewhere along Route 132, just past the Gaz-o-bar—by country standards, the nearest landmark—there is a sign that reads Gaspé, 138 km ahead. And on that same sign, with an arrow pointing away from the water—toward another highway, referred to colloquially as the Murdochville Road—it reads, Gaspé, 131 km. [continued…]

the mama bird flies around
gathering food
and feeds it to her babies
from her own mouth to theirs
then perches above them […]

Needed nothing till
The moment I first saw you
From a rock to a
Rocking chair painted […]

When Mom worked nights Dad would cook
Pasta Aglio’olio
Dripping in Italian olive oil
The garlic slightly browned, crackling, still sizzling […]

September begins with
Indian Summer heat
fiercely making up for lost days
for rain and clouds
and on its best behaviour
praying to stave off what is

Five years old. I ask my mother to taste the milk for me. I am attempting analytical thought, to think as abstractly as my five year old mind will allow me. I’ve seen my older sister ponder this […]

“All rivers flow into the sea
but the sea is not yet full.”

And I’m surrounded by blue-eyed gentry
and blue-labeled beer
and an immense blue sky

Walking along, all alone
My head faced down, blocking out the passers-by
Who threaten to interrupt my thoughts
Or threaten to interpret them
And I see it, a penny on the ground […]

Middle-aged man
scowling on the subway
bitterness in his eyes
more dense as the years go by
his acoustic guitar
propped against a corner wall […]

consequentially unbalanced
Swallowing the pits of your
Eternally loyal […]

“Once in a While”
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Daniel Casavant & Maria Giuliani
“Back to the Fact”
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Daniel Casavant & Maria Giuliani
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Maria Giuliani
Vocals by Lisa Grenier & Daniel Casavant


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