I am a work in progress
Like a statue still inside its stone
Chiseled, from the inside out
Tap tap tapped into
becoming […]

the mama bird flies around
gathering food
and feeds it to her babies
from her own mouth to theirs
then perches above them […]

Needed nothing till
The moment I first saw you
From a rock to a
Rocking chair painted […]

When Mom worked nights Dad would cook
Pasta Aglio’olio
Dripping in Italian olive oil
The garlic slightly browned, crackling, still sizzling […]

September begins with
Indian Summer heat
fiercely making up for lost days
for rain and clouds
and on its best behaviour
praying to stave off what is […]

“All rivers flow into the sea
but the sea is not yet full.”

And I’m surrounded by blue-eyed gentry
and blue-labeled beer
and an immense blue sky […]

Walking along, all alone
My head faced down, blocking out the passers-by
Who threaten to interrupt my thoughts
Or threaten to interpret them
And I see it, a penny on the ground […]

Five years old. I ask my mother to taste the milk for me. I am attempting analytical thought, to think as abstractly as my five year old mind will allow me. I’ve seen my older sister ponder this […]

Middle-aged man
scowling on the subway
bitterness in his eyes
more dense as the years go by
his acoustic guitar
propped against a corner wall […]

consequentially unbalanced
Swallowing the pits of your
Eternally loyal […]

“Once in a While”
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Daniel Casavant & Maria Giuliani
“Back to the Fact”
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Daniel Casavant & Maria Giuliani
Music by Daniel Casavant
Lyrics by Maria Giuliani
Vocals by Lisa Grenier & Daniel Casavant


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