Dernier Amour

Needed nothing till
The moment I first saw you
From a rock to a
Rocking chair painted blue

Inspiration of my life
My baby’s calling me late at night
How I love these hands
Not letting me leave

Tell me what you need
I’ll spend my lifetime searching
Give you all my strength
Until eternity

I’ll protect you my baby
From the scary place the world can be
How I love these hands
Not letting me leave

Come on into these arms
That love you
Curl up into these arms
That hold you
Bye to the cries that wake
Wake up an old fool…

J’étais le dernier à savoir
Cet amour
Mais le premier d’avoir
Ton amour
T’habite dans mes rêves
Dans ma coeur
Depuis toujours

I thought my story
Would have a different ending
So this lullaby is
The gift you’ve given me

It’s amazing just to be
With my baby sleeping peacefully
Daddy loves these hands
Not letting me leave

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