cover for webpageKeeping the OM in Mom:
A 21 Day Guide to Recentering Your Mom-Worth

A Workbook for Moms (Who Have Kinda/Sorta Lost Themselves in Motherhood)

ebook, 58 pages


About this workbook:

“If you are a mom who struggles to remember the person you were before motherhood, and struggles to remain aligned with the person you always strived to become, this workbook is for you.”

Keeping the OM in Mom is a basic guide filled with daily activities aimed at helping moms 1. take care of themselves, 2. find time for themselves, 3. define their value. If you are in a mom-fog and searching for clarity, this may be the guide for you.

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Author’s Note:
It is important to me that the content be available to all moms in all places, therefore I’ve decided to make the workbook openly accessible rather than selling it. That being said, I value the time I put in to the creation of this workbook. If you also find value in the workbook, please remember that donations are always welcome.