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Hand-Etched Mugs, $15 CAD
(Shipping not included, order by request at, personalized orders available.)

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The mugs display positively charged wording, facing inward. Each mug is hand-etched by me, on 12oz (350mL) glassware, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Available designs:
Love & Gratitude
I’ve Got This!


These products were inspired by the research of Japanese businessman Masaru Emoto.

Emoto spent years studying the hidden formations of water crystals exposed to various stimuli. Polluted water vs fresh spring water, water exposed to classical vs water exposed to heavy metal music, water spoken to with kindness vs water spoken to harshly. He discovered that the most beautiful crystals were formed when exposed to the words “love and gratitude,” and that even writing the words down and taping the paper to the outside of a vessel, words facing inward, would create the most stunning crystals. Masaru Emoto postulated, given that our bodies consist 70% of water, that how positively or negatively we receive stimuli affects our very beings, including our physical health. Emoto postulated that receiving love and gratitude (which means also, the giving of love and gratitude) was the surest way to positively impact our personal health and that of others.

You can read Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water for more on his experiments and theories, or visit his official website I’ve included some images from his experiments below, hover over each image to know what stimulus the respective water was exposed to: