Came to Stay

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A Newfoundland Love Story

On the cusp of her fortieth birthday, Chiara is beginning to regret the choice she made to prioritize her successful career as a professional artist over any chances of having love and family in her life. In an attempt to regroup emotionally and push forward professionally, she travels to the scenic yet rather isolated coastal town of Came to Stay, Newfoundland. She is unprepared for the distractions that will come once she meets her new small-town neighbour, Mike.

Mike is an attractive forty-something, naturally down to earth and modest, and she trusts him immediately. However, it is obvious that Mike has a history that prevents him from getting close to anyone.

Each of them must try to understand the obvious attraction they feel for the other, in relation to the highly independent existences that they have been living so far. Chiara must decide whether balancing her career and a relationship is something she is willing and able to do. Mike must decide whether he can come to terms with his past, and whether he is capable of loving again.

161 pages
Recommended Age 18+

I wanted to write a romance story, but I didn’t want to write a
typical romance, either. I chose to write about finding love after 40, and to explore the emotional landscape of what it might mean for a career-focused woman to also want a family. Lastly, I also wanted
love for the Newfoundland landscape to play a pivotal role.


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