How Some Ancient Wisdom on Feelings is Helping Me Now

This might sound crazy but I only recently discovered, as a forty-something woman, that it’s better to recognize, pay attention to, and acknowledge the feelings within you, rather than hide from them or try to outrun them. I probably already knew this in theory, but I certainly didn’t know this in practice.  It’s funny toContinue reading “How Some Ancient Wisdom on Feelings is Helping Me Now”

Wonderul, Colourful, Magnificent

About 18 years ago I wrote a children’s story. I decided that I wanted to do the illustrations myself, but it was one of those things that just intimidated me. How to do it? Could I do it? Would they turn out? Etc etc. I had the images in my mind, I just wasn’t confidentContinue reading “Wonderul, Colourful, Magnificent”