Life as an Introvert

  I am a loner. Meaning, I like to be alone. And it’s not just that I like being alone, I need to be alone for set amount of time each day. In fact, I’ve even been told that I, in particular, require more alone time than the average person. Alone suits me well. ThisContinue reading “Life as an Introvert”

Thyroid Disease: The Struggle is Real

If you were to ask a group of people living with a thyroid disorder about their biggest frustration, I think their answer would unanimously be the feeling that no one is listening. The exhaustion would be up there on the list, the “just not myself”-ness as well, but I don’t think anything compares with theContinue reading “Thyroid Disease: The Struggle is Real”

Yessing It Like Shonda Rhimes

I haven’t had cable television for over 10 years so Thursday nights have not meant to me what they do to some. I have one friend, for example, who has an entire ritual in place around her Thursdays in front of the tv. She looks forward to Thursdays in a way I didn’t understand. In fact, IContinue reading “Yessing It Like Shonda Rhimes”

How I Learned Not to be a Sanctimommy: Five Phases of Motherhood

I have been every kind of mom. I’ve been the mom who didn’t want to make a big deal over a first birthday, and the mom who has stayed up until 3am making Pinterest-inspired cakes. I’ve been the mom who stressed over every cough and rash, and I’ve been the meh-there’s-no-fever-you’ll-be-fine mom. I’ve been theContinue reading “How I Learned Not to be a Sanctimommy: Five Phases of Motherhood”

The Time I Really Really Cried

When I picked Grace up from daycare yesterday, she was sitting at a table with some play food, a doll on the chair beside her.  Her teacher and I chatted a bit before she turned to Grace and asked if she was feeding her baby brother.  Grace, ever the literal one, knowing darn well theContinue reading “The Time I Really Really Cried”

A Small Note, Dedicated To My Pre-Toddler Self…

You’re a jerk. You think you know aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about kids because you spent sooooo much time around them your whoooole life.  You know eeeeeeeverything there is to know because you nannied and camp-councelled or whatever.  Right.  YOU DON’T KNOW SQUAT ABOUT SQUAT. And YOU.  You with your one child, your 9 month old all sweetContinue reading “A Small Note, Dedicated To My Pre-Toddler Self…”